Garanti BBVA Fleet's high service quality and customer satisfaction become our sources of energy and motivation while maintaining our responsibilities. Thus, we differentiate from our competitors with our understanding of service that exceeds sectoral expectations. We continue to be the most admired flee leasing brand in Turkey with our widespread service network, and values.

Our vision

To become the most admired fleet company in Turkey.

Our Mission

With its strong financial structure and service understanding that differs from its competitors; to add value to its customers, employees, society and the environment all the time.

Our Strategy

To be a pioneer in the fleet sector with its expert staff and the quality of service it provides to its customers.

Garanti BBVA Fleet builds its Garanti BBVA strategy on the principles of steadily improving the customer experience by providing services that meet their needs with a 'transparent', 'understandable' and 'responsible' approach towards its customers. With the mission of adding permanent value to its customers, it aims at unconditional and sustainable customer satisfaction.