We offer a working environment at every department of Garanti BBVA Fleet that provides equal opportunity for all our employees, that they can take initiative and that open communication prevails. 

We constantly improve our efficient working environment and corporate loyalty by taking the opinions and suggestions of our employees into account all the time. Thus, we create a ground where employee satisfaction is at the forefront and individual satisfaction reflects on corporate success.



Listen to Garanti BBVA Fleet and what it is like to work here from our employees.

İbrahim Eroğlu

Senior Project Management Officer

"Garanti BBVA Fleet is my first professional workplace. I had the opportunity to demonstrate and develop my skills at Garanti BBVA Fleet. I am responsible for the development and management of projects at Garanti BBVA Fleet and during my profession, I am able to improve myself on a different subject every day. Garanti BBVA Fleet is a dynamic company that adds value to people as a brand and institution and has strong social communication. "
Ayça Sezgin

Marketing Director

"One of the important factors in my acceptance of this job is that Garanti Fleet takes part under the roof of the brand Garanti; but after I started working, I encountered values beyond this reason.

Garanti BBVA Fleet is an innovative and dynamic company where the team spirit is high, contributing to personal development, visionary, investing in human resources.  Being part of a young and dynamic team of which motivation is high and providing added value to its business within an organization embodying all of these values is invaluable."

Okan Büyükdurmuş

Second-Hand Director

"My journey at Garanti Fleet started 8 years ago. The values representing the Garanti brand and its reputable role in the sector were the main factors for me in choosing Garanti Fleet. . It makes me proud to be a part of my company's constantly developing and growing organization during this period. Garanti BBVA Fleet is a big family of individuals with dynamic and bright faces that I enjoy working with."
Aykut Seyhan

Customer Service Assistant 

"I met Garanti BBVA Fleet on the seminar days of my university. I made an internship application with the excitement of meeting fleet leasing, a different business line of the automotive industry. After I was accepted to the internship, I realized that Garanti BBVA Fleet was literally implementing a business line that the automotive industry is in progress. Garanti Fleet is an institution where I will not go away from being social while I am working on the way to professionalism step by step during and after the internship."


We always take care that Garanti BBVA Fleet employees work in a balance of work and life.

We continue to motivate our employees throughout the year who are on leave on their birthdays.

We organize entertaining activities on New Year's Day, Women's Day, Father's and Mother's Day, and also make surprises and shares at the office during the day.

We care about the health and fitness of our employees, and we spend active time with our Fit Filo running team.