Garanti BBVA Fleet stands by you also for light commercial vehicle needs.

If you drive a commercial vehicle as part of your business, you can benefit from the advantages of long-term car leasing both financially and operationally, thanks to Garanti BBVA Fleet's "Light Commercial Vehicle Leasing" service. Utilizing our Light Commercial Vehicle Leasing service, instead of buying a vehicle, you both keep your cash in your pocket and use your credit limits to improve your business.

Garanti BBVA Fleet purchases your light commercial vehicle for you and manages all operational processes such as maintenance, tire replacement, insurance payments, Comprehensive Car Insurance policy and damage repair for you during the lease period. Visit Garanti BBVA Fleet to benefit from Light Commercial Vehicle Leasing service. Not only benefit from the convenience of long-term leasing but also take advantage of the financial advantages of this service.

With Garanti Fleet's Light Commercial Vehicle Leasing service, your vehicle is on the way, your business is fine.


If you have K2 authorization certificate or if you need to use commercial vehicles for private purposes, you can take advantage of Garanti BBVA Fleet's long-term commercial vehicle leasing service.

Leasing with K2 Authorization Certificate

If you have one self-owned vehicle that you use to carry private goods and is registered in the K2 authorization certificate, you can now lease it from Garanti BBVA Fleet for a long time instead of purchasing each of your next vehicles that you will use for domestic transportation of your private goods. You can choose the vehicle you need without any brand or model limitation. You can use each vehicle you will lease with relief in your private goods transportation activities by registering it in your existing K2 authorization certificate.

Leasing for Special Purposes

Even if you do not have any authorization license, you can lease a light commercial vehicle for your private needs. If you intend to lease a light commercial vehicle to transport your non-commercial goods only for non-commercial purposes, you can take advantage of the long-term commercial vehicle leasing service by choosing among the vehicles in N1 and N1G vehicle class. Vehicles in N1 class are a type of pick-up trucks and their maximum weight with the load carried should not exceed 3.5 tons.


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