We carry out our Customer Satisfaction Principles definitively in order to deliver our high standard products and services to our customers precisely and to maintain their satisfaction everlasting.


Garanti BBVA Fleet adopts the Principles of Customer Satisfaction and acts in this direction in order to always offer our customers the highest quality and to ensure definitive customer satisfaction.

  • The customer is our most important reason for existence.
  • The customer is the person who is likely to gain new customers or lose them.
  • The customer is the person that should always be taken care of by determining his/her requirements.
  • The customer is the person that should also be satisfied constantly after selling a product or service.
  • Customer Satisfaction is essential for making a difference, staying ahead of competitors, growing and profiting.
  • Every Customer has the right to receive quality service.
  • All Garanti BBVA Fleet teams are obliged to create Customer Satisfaction.
  • Each customer is a “Garanti BBVA Fleet Customer”. The service quality to be offered to customers cannot be compromised on the ground that they are a customer of another company, region or portfolio.
  • Informing the customer in a timely manner and directing to the right person/channel is the primary condition of customer satisfaction.
  • Every customer has the right to complain about the product and service they use.