Garanti BBVA Fleet's Human Resources practices operate in line with our corporate standard procedures. We believe that equal opportunity starts with the recruitment process. We provide equality of opportunity for all our employees who join us after the recruitment process and offer them a working environment where they can take initiative and where open communication prevails. 



You take your first step to Garanti BBVA Fleet with your job application. Your application is evaluated. 


After your application is evaluated, you pass the pre-selection and you will be invited for an interview. After the interview, you will be invited for a second interview where the manager of the relevant department and our Human Resources team will be present.


If you successfully pass this interview, where our Human Resources team and department top manager will be ready, your job offer is made and you join Garanti BBVA Fleet family.


We owe Garanti BBVA Fleet's dynamic and successful structure to our employees who constantly improve themselves. We constantly meet the sectoral and individual development needs of our employees, who reflect the qualifications they have gained to the services of Garanti BBVA Fleet in the most efficient way.

We organize personal development training, manager training and team training that will bring new perspectives to our team. We support our employees who want to attend the certificate programs of universities. We also develop continuing education programs for foreign languages.

We care that everyone working at Garanti BBVA Fleet has the vision of investing in themselves. Because, the real success for us is to make our customers' satisfaction possible with the expertise of our employees. 


We accept many internships to the structure of our company every year to allow you to apply the theoretical education you have acquired at the university in Garanti BBVA Fleet departments. As a corporation that values its employees, we support you to make a valuable start to your career.

The internship you will do at Garanti BBVA Fleet will not only add unforgettable experiences to you, but also it will be an important reference after graduation.

Make your summer internship application right away and start your career with the rightest step.



You can set new goals for your career in Garanti BBVA Fleet and shape your future. With the Career Map prepared by our Human Resources department, you will proceed to your goal in a planned manner.

You draw your own career path at Garanti BBVA Fleet aiming to raise the most qualified employees of the sector and you can take part in a different department if you wish. You will receive the necessary directions and full support of Garanti BBVA Fleet in the event of your transition between units. 


As Garanti BBVA Fleet, we value our employees and support them with the fringe benefits we provide.

  • As Garanti BBVA Fleet, we value our employees and support them with the fringe benefits we provide. We provide our employees transportation by shuttle buses and offer them monthly meal tickets and lunch in our cafeteria. 
  • We take our employees under the coverage of Private Health Insurance, and we also cover dental and eye health expenses at certain limits within the scope of service special for Garanti Group employees. We also provide supports such as gym and dietician in order for our employees are able to be healthy and live a quality life.
  • We reward our colleagues, who stand out with their excitement, work ethic and new ideas; attach importance to customer satisfaction; add value to his/her business, twice a year.
  • We provide special discounts special to Garanti Group for our workmates who want to do a master's degree and we support their personal development.
  • We provide each of our employees Garanti BBVA Fleet's holiday vehicle for 1 week a year, and we cover their gasoline costs.


At Garanti BBVA Fleet, we determine our remuneration policy primarily based on employee performance, then corporate balance and foreign markets. We reward our employees with a fair and transparent bonus system by measuring the individual success of our employees, their contribution to corporate success and customer satisfaction.