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We remind you of the inspection and exhaust measurement schedule of the vehicles you rent from Garanti Fleet and we cover your expenses.

Check the validity period of the inspection stated in the vehicle licenses and have your inspection performed in due course and submit your receipts to us.

You can have vehicle inspection and exhaust emission measurement performed at any station of TÜVTürk. Make an online appointment by visiting Have the inspection procedures done with the inspection authorization letter that you will receive from your company.

After the inspection of your vehicle, send us the receipts (receipt for the exhaust emission stamp and inspection fee receipt) as soon as possible and get your expenses returned, excluding the delay penalty. Make sure to keep the exhaust emission stamp together with your license which you will receive after the inspection.

If you are in Istanbul, the amounts of the Inspection and Exhaust Emission Stamps you will make at TüvTürk Inspection stations are paid by Garanti Fleet. Therefore, you do not have to make any payment at TüvTürk Inspection stations in Istanbul.

If you are outside of Istanbul, when you send your inspection expenses to us with the following documents, debt receipt and company IBAN information within one week at the latest, Garanti Fleet returns your payments to you.


Complete the following documents to carry out the inspection process.

  • The original of inspection fee payment receipt
  • Copy of the exhaust emission card
  • Originals of the inspection reports
  • Copy of the license that has been inspected
  • The original of voucher or receipt indicating that the exhaust emission stamp has been received
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