Corporations, commercial organizations, medium- and small-scale companies and individual customers can make use of the wide range of vehicles offered by Garanti BBVA Fleet, and get long-term car rentals.

Any brand and model of car available for sale in Turkey are on offer with the assurances provided by Garanti BBVA Fleet, to meet your needs.

Garanti BBVA Fleet, offers you any number of vehicles, ranging from a single car to a huge fleet, in line with your requirements.

You can get long-term rentals ranging from 12 months to 47 months from Garanti BBVA Fleet.

A report should be drawn up in case public property such as traffic lights or barriers are damaged. The damage will then be covered by insurance, on the basis of the report.

Should you need any urgent assistance after an accident, call the 7/24 emergency hotline 444 1 439 as soon as possible. Provided that the accident did not result in any bodily injury or death, and that you have reached an agreement with the other drivers involved, the Accident Report should be drawn up, and photos of the damage should be taken. Even though your vehicle looks capable of resuming the trip after the accident, you should still keep the engine off for at least 15 minutes. In that time frame, open up the hood and check if there are any cracks. Also check the oil and temperature gauges. You can then continue your drive. To be on the safe side, we recommend visiting the nearest service location.

Sure, you can use the rental cars abroad. However, you need to contact Garanti BBVA Fleet Insurance to do so. The commitment letter to be submitted by you or your firm, and the power of attorney issued for the persons to drive the vehicles abroad shall be drawn up by Garanti BBVA Fleet Insurance, and delivered to you along with the Green Insurance. The costs of any authorization processes and procedures required for use abroad shall be reflected on your bill. You can contact Garanti BBVA Fleet Insurance by calling 0216 625 43 00 during office hours, to get detailed information.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to revise the payment plans envisaged in the agreements signed for the vehicles you rent out from Garanti BBVA Fleet.

You can request for any province code applicable to the license plates of the vehicles you rent from Garanti BBVA Fleet.

The vehicles you rent from Garanti BBVA Fleet can be driven by any immediate family members in case of personal rentals, and by any personnel on payroll in case of corporate rentals. It goes without saying that all drivers should have official driver’s licenses.

Sure. You can purchase the vehicles you had long-term rentals with Garanti BBVA Fleet, at special rates offered just for you. You can contact Garanti BBVA Fleet; at the end of the rental period, and get detailed information.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to install additional equipment on the rental cars provided by Garanti BBVA Fleet, in deviation from the specifications stipulated on the agreement. However, you can have original equipment approved by our contracted service locations installed, provided that you get Garanti BBVA Fleet’s written consent in advance.

The vehicles you rent from Garanti BBVA Fleet are dedicated to the service of your firm throughout the term of your agreement. That is why we deem it important to have the vehicles duly represent your firm, and we undertake the procedure for applying corporate logos on the vehicles. To add the logo application in the agreement as a supplementary service, and to learn about the service locations where the logo can be applied, call 0216 625 43 00 to contact Garanti BBVA Fleet Operations Center.

The user manuals for the vehicles you rent from Garanti BBVA Fleet state the regular maintenance schedules on the basis of mileage. You can visit the contracted service locations which match the brand of your vehicle, in accordance with the mileage specified. Just choose one of Garanti BBVA Fleet’s contracted service locations, and get your maintenance appointment right now.

The cost of regular maintenance for the vehicles you rent are covered by Garanti BBVA Fleet, and are never added to your invoice, provided that the maintenance procedures are carried out at contracted service locations.

You must have the tires replaced in due course, in order to be able to make safe use of the vehicles you rent from Garanti BBVA Fleet. The months of transition from one season to another stand out in this context. You should have winter tires installed on your car by September, and summer tires by April. Garanti BBVA Fleet offers tire storage services for the spare set you are not using at the moment. Furthermore, you also have to change your tires when you exceed the mileage specified on the contract. You can fill out the tire change form or call 0216 625 43 00 during office hours, to contact Garanti BBVA Filo Operations Center, to get information on tire changes and appointments with tire dealers, filing a request for new tires.

When one of the notification signs lights up, to ensure your safety, notify Garanti BBVA Fleet without delay. You can contact Garanti BBVA Fleet Operations Center by calling 0216 625 43 00 during office hours, or the 7/24 Emergency Hotline by calling 444 1 439 outside the office hours. Our team of specialists will provide you useful tips for handling the problem, and direct you to contracted service locations when necessary.

Sure. All you need to do to get OGS or HGS installed in your vehicle to make your trips more comfortable, is to send your signed request form to Garanti BBVA Fleet. We will draw up the authorization letter and deliver it to you, as soon as the written request bearing the signature of the contract party in case of personal rentals, or the signature of the company official in case of corporate rentals is served to us. You can use the authorization letter to get a OGS / HGS device, and begin using it right away.

The most important thing to do is to notify us. Contact Garanti BBVA Fleet Operations Center by calling 0216 625 43 00 during office hours, and follow the instructions provided by our team. Unfortunately, we will have to reflect the costs related to license plate and registration document replacements, on your invoice.

The single most important thing in the context of returning the vehicle is to return it in the form you received it from Garanti BBVA Fleet, along with all accessories. If the vehicle was damaged in any way, you should first have the damage repaired at the contracted service locations, and remedy any shortcomings of the vehicle. You should also make sure that any equipment or devices such as access stickers, OGS/HGS, automatic fuel filling systems, which were installed to your car after the rental, are removed at the time of returning the vehicle.

You should also return your vehicle to Garanti BBVA Fleet with the original and spare keys, registration documents, exhaust emissions certificates and vehicle check certificates, the whole toolkit (spare tire, jack, wheel nut wrench, coded wheel nut, snow chains, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher), and the winter tires if you are the one storing the spare set.