Our values, at the same time our indispensables…

Garanti BBVA Fleet's high standard services and outlook of the sector are shaped by the corporate values adopted by our entire team. These values, which are indispensable to both our business manner and our private lives, expose the difference of Garanti BBVA Fleet at every level.

We are respectful and sincere!

We see our customers as our solution partners and we act respectfully and sincerely in all our relationships.

We are eligible!

We are strengthened by the qualifications of our colleagues and we offer our services with superior quality principles.

We are customer-oriented!

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We develop all our products and services with this awareness of priority, and we spend our team energy to solve their needs.

We are innovative!

We know the needs of our customers very well. We maintain our leading role in the sector by developing products and services that are both easily accessible and functional.

We are environmentally-conscious!

We love our planet very much. While responding to the transportation needs of our customers, we constantly follow innovative technologies and continue our projects in an environmentally-conscious manner.