Leading the industry with its innovative initiatives, Garanti BBVA Fleet has put into practice for the sales of used vehicles. In the comprehensive online sales platform, it is possible to buy used vehicles with different bidding methods such as 'auction', 'reverse auction', 'receiving tender' and 'fixed price'.

Garanti BBVA Fleet General Manager Selami Ekin said in his statement that he made regarding the issue that they designed the website for the buyers to purchase the vehicles they are considering to buy in a fast, easy and reliable way without the need to see them physically. Ekin, said “all the past damage, maintenance and repair information and the expertise reports given by independent teams of the vehicles we offer on for sale are submitted for the buyers’ review via webcast.

Selami Ekin, drawing attention to the fact that companies whose field of activity is related to automotive or automobile trade and private companies operating auto showrooms can become members to said that membership applications can be made online through the website.